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    Since the company was founded by Dennis Brune in 1993, sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment have remained core to ALPS. Our products are built better to last longer. Our industry-leading warranty ensures that they are produced with the highest level of workmanship to keep all our products performing as long as possible.

    ALPS Impact

      ALPS is a proud member of Climate Action Corps

      Going paperless - Saving over 400,000 sheets of paper per year (more than two tons)

      Reselling refurbished gear – we resell used and refurbished gear to extend the life of our products whenever possible

      Our multiple trade show booths are all made in-house, mostly of reusable wood. Then after the trade show concludes,
      our booths are sent back to our warehouse where we can re-use most of the structure for our next show

      We have a customer service team with tips and tricks to extend the life of used gear

      Planting trees to help offset our carbon footprint


      • We have recycling bins located throughout all our buildings
      • We disassemble products for recycling that cannot be refurbished
      • We reuse boxes for shipping which reduces the number of boxes we use by 55% saving over three tons of cardboard annually



        • ALPS is committed to expanding the number of products that are using recycled materials


        • Continually reducing the amount of packaging used on all products
        • Successfully transitioned to 100% recycled packaging
        • Eliminated 175,000 poly bags from packaging annually

        Enviro-Friendly 产品s

        Giving back to our planet ...

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